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Karikkakom Sri Chamundi Temple is one of the most ancient and famous among the temple in kerala. Granting dharshan to the devotees, the Goddess resides in this temple of truth, located about 7 km north of Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple of Travancore and on the western bank of Parvathy Puthanar (River) and on the eastern side of Travancore Titanium products Ltd and a quarter kilometer South of Kochuveli Railway Station and approchable by road from Kazhakuttam junction and Chakai junction and from the National Highway By-pass at Karikkakom.

Pilgrims can reach temple by K.S.R.T.C bus service plying every half an hour. The temple is only a walkable distance away from the Kochuveli Railway Station and Titanium bus stand and accessible by vehicle through the N.H by-pass at the European agriculture market junction at Venpalavattom and through the canal road from Chakai bridge junction of N.H. by-pass of Airport road.

From ancient day of the Maharaja's reign, the temple is considered the adobe of truth and justice. Karikkakom Sri Chamundi Temple helped to establish truth and justice. Even today worshippers come and pay obeisance to the Devi to prove their innocence and to get justice. The ancient practice of taking the oath of truth in front of the deity continues.

This is the only temple in Kerala where Goddess Chamundi is worshipped in all her three forms. The Goddess is worshipped as the slayer of demons (justice giver), Goddess of truth (establishing truth) and as Universal mother (Nurturer).

Whoever prays to the Goddess, remitting penal charges and opening sacred sanctum sanctorum, is said to be rewarded immediately by fulfillment of their needs and desire. There is today a tremendous rush to worship the Goddess and for praying at the sanctum sanctorum, specially opened, for that pooja.

Folklore tells us that in ancient times, the Maharaja Himself had the sanctum sanctorum opened for worshipping when many valuable items were stolen from the palace and Devi helped him to recover the items. The Maharaja is said to have gifted one year's temple festival expenses.